Meet The Sweethearts

PRCA Trick RiderThe matriach of the group, Bobbie Stone set the bar high. She began her trick riding career at age 19 and hasn’t stopped yet. After seeking out the best in the business to learn from, “The Griffith Family”, Dick, and Connie and at the time a young Tad Griffith, she quickly learned the desire and dedication needed for this sport. Her career spans 37 years now and has taken her to 8 countries an at least half of the United States. Because of her desire and the variety of tricks in her repertoire she was fortunate enough to work with virtually every major group performing at the time. Bobbie has always ridden a fast running horse, had colorful costumes, and her love for the sport shines- best seen in her signature trick, under the neck. Even though life in general kept Bobbie from a life of full-time trick riding as a career she was able to stay involved and is currently a gold card holder in the PRCA. She feels blessed to still enjoy performing with her daughter, Josey, and they may well be the only Mother/Daughter combination still working together. Although Bobbie may be slowing down at age 56 she is still working to pass on the traditions, values and love this sport demands, to future performers. While she has shared this with a number of students, none shine brighter than her daughter Josey. Over the years Bobbie has managed to work a 40 hour a week job, maintain the place that Bobbie and Josey call home in Northern California and most importantly raise her daughter. When you set out to do what Bobbie wanted to achieve you have to learn to do a lot of things. If she isn’t designing and sewing costumes, instructing up and coming riders, you will probably find her mowing lawns, working the arena, setting irrigation or even maybe cleaning house or fixing dinner; and she does enjoy creating and crafting leather work. She enjoys team roping, running barrels and branding calves. She has always been eager to share things that her cowboy and cowgirl mentors have shared with her and still works everyday to improve on yesterday’s ability and treasures yesterday’s memories. Not a day passes that Connie Griffith’s words “Your desire will take you farther than your ability”, don’t cross her mind and Bobbie has applied that to all aspects of her life not just trick riding. She hopes that in her lifetime she has used every bit of God give ability she has and someday it could be said “she was a cowgirl to the core”.

PRCA Trick RiderJoining the ranks of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Assoc. at the age of 9, Josey started her trick riding career off with a bang! Learning from her mother, Bobbie Stone, they toured all summer with the All American Trick Riders, Vicki Tyer and Linda Scholtz. Josey quickly started mastering not only strap tricks like the Cossack death drag, fender drags, and her signature Hippodrome stand with Ol’ Glory but also added vaults, spin the horn vaults, splits and a somersault drag. Not just the number of tricks and the variety she has, sets her apart from most trick riders; but it is her arena presence, style and love of what she does that really shines when she performs.

Although she has performed at places like Prescott, Salinas, Cow Palace, and many others her favorite performances have been those she has shared with her mother in their hometown of Redding, California.Josey has always been involved in rodeo, participating in Jr. Rodeo and working five events by the time she competed in High School Rodeo. She was Miss Redding Rodeo in 2004, Miss Grand National in 2008, and helped pay for some of her college education with scholarships she won in CSHA Horse Masters competiton in gymkhana, western, and English. Josey has always loved to design clothes and is currently branching out to market some of her clever ideas and custom jackets. Although always eager to be on the road trick riding, she honored her mother’s wish for her to have an education. She worked to obtain her Pharmacy Technician License and a BA in Organizational Leadership and plans to use her education and her lifetime in rodeo to help promote the western industry and the way of life she has grown up enjoying.

Lynessa SpringerLynessa Springer met Josey and Bobbie while carrying sponsor flags at a local rodeo and knew she just had to give trick riding a try. After getting a taste of performing with a run or two at a rodeo about three years ago, she was definitely hooked. She performs the Reverse Fender Drag, horn spins, and a beautiful one foot stand during the act. With her first successful season behind her, she is working on more tricks to add to next season’s act.

Currently Lynessa works as a Registered Dental Assistant, but has gone back to school to continue her education in the nursing field. The mother of a handsome two year old boy, Kale, she and her husband live on their ten acre place in Anderson, California. Together they are busy building an arena and place where James can rope and Lynessa can practice when not with the group. This busy lady loves the opportunity to travel and looks forward to many years of trick riding!

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